Information About American bully Dog Breed

American Bully dog

Origin – American bully

American bully dog breed origin is America. This breed was made between 1980-1990.
The main thing about American bully is that it is found in many sizes – Micro size, Pocket size, XL and XXL. Its body weight depends on the.size of the dog.

American dog breed standard

  • Height – 13 inches to 20 inches ( Male dog and female dog almost same heights )
  • weight – Male dog 32 kg to 45 kg according to size. Female dog 28 kg to 40 kg
  • Life span – Average life span is 12 to 14 years ( It can depend on your care and diet )
  • Litter size – Average litter size 4 to 7 puppies
  • Colors – Bully are found in many colors like – white, brown and white spot mixture and blue with white marking, etc.

Information – American bully


American bully was produced using some breeds like American Staffordshire terrier, American pit bull terrier, and bulldog. It is the world’s famous dog breed. Although this breed was produced in America, soon after it became a world-famous dog breed. We are saying this because this breed comes up in front as a Royal breed. The reason being it has hired fan followers in a very short time

Are they aggressive – Myth or reality?

It was bred as a family companion dog breed. People think that it is an aggressive dog breed but its a big myth because it is a familiar dog breed. Actually people compare American bully with Pitbull but there is a big difference in both. Moreover, it totally depends on the owner, how they teach their dog and in the case of Pitbull as well, they also can make become a familiar dog if trained accordingly.


American bully is a muscular dog breed. If they are getting the proper exercise it can look like a bodybuilder. It is a short coat dog breed so in shedding season you will not get irritated by your dog’s hair because they shred less compare with other breeds. In micro and pocket-size you don’t need to worry about care.
The head size of the American bully is broad while the length and muzzle size are small. Shoulders are strong and heavy. The tail is straight and short. Their ears can be cropped or uncropped as it depends on the owner. But cropping ears can be painful for your little one. No doubt they look smart in cropped ears but sometimes after cropping ears they scratch at the area and injured themselves.


  • Bully is an intelligent dog breed.
  • It can be your best friend
  • They get happy to go out for a walk
  • It’s a playful dog breed and stays happy with children.
  • It is a guard dog breed
  • Its a muscular and very strong dog breed
  • Bully is a very courageous breed.


  • American bully doesn’t require much hair care.
  • Give plenty of exercises to them.
  • Proper nutrition needed as per their size and age.
  • Socialize them and spend a good time with them.
  • Engage them in some tasks like fetching balls etc.

Train your dog properly otherwise they can cut or chew many things at your home like – sofas, furniture, shoes, etc. Scold them immediately when he or she tries to chew your belongings. You need to train them as your own children. If you do not scold them they will think that they are doing right.

It’s a trustworthy dog breed. If you are planning to have a guard dog plus a familiar dog breed, then have an American bully as it is one of them.

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