Story Of Hachiko: A Mysterious Dog From Japan

Hachiko story

Whenever it comes to love, friendship and loyalty in this world, the same name comes on everyone’s mind that is Dog.

“Dog is the most loyal being in this world”

This story is also about a loyal dog named ‘Hachiko’

The story of Hachiko is not an imaginative story. It is a true story of a dog who waited for his master for the 9 years. This is a story of a Speechless Animal (Bezubaan Jaanwar)

This story is a deep message for everyone even the animal or dog haters.

This can make you cry!

The story has the following characters i.e Hachiko, the dog from Japan ( Akita dog breed) and Eizaburo Ueno (who was a university professor)

The Story begins…….

The story begins with a cute dog (puppy) being parcelled somewhere. While on the way, the cage of the dog falls away and the dog comes out of the cage and starts wandering at the railway station

Then a person named Eizaburo Ueno sees an abandoned dog and asks “Hey Puppy, Are you lost? then he picks up the puppy and starts looking for the owner of the puppy. But he found none, who could recognize the puppy.

Then Ueno takes the puppy to the station master and asks the master to keep the dog with him until the real owner of the dog comes. But station master denies keeping the dog at the station.

Now, the professor has to take the dog to the home and hides the dog in a room as his wife doesn’t like keeping dogs at home. However, his wife sees that dog at home and ask the professor to get the dog back from where he took him. On next day, the professor goes to the animal pound to board the dog until the real owner comes. But they denied. Also, he goes to one of his friends who is an animal lover to keep the puppy with her. But everyone denied due to some reasons.

Knowing about the dog secret to becoming best friends

After that, the professor took the puppy to one of his friend who was Japanese and ask him if he can help him out. Then that person found a badge on the puppy’s neck and on which something was written in Japanese which means Hachi. He tells the professor that he is not a normal puppy, but this is a special breed named Akita. He asks his friend to keep the dog with him. But he said the dog already chose his owner. The professor even distributed missing pamphlets for the dog but no one comes. At last, the professor decided to adopt that dog and do proper care of him. In the free time, the professor used to play with Hachiko and he also loved playing with the professor. After some time, the professor’s family members also started loving Hachiko.

The unbreakable bond of Professor and Hatchi

When the professor goes to the university, Hachi used to notice the professor. One day, Hachi pits the ground and goes to the station to see the professor and while the professor gets surprised to see Hachi there. Then, he asks him to go home. And again in the evening, Hatchi crossed the wall of his home and goes to the station waiting for the professor, Professor was left with mixed emotions, he was happy as well as surprised to see him there. And this thing goes on, Hatchi accompanies professor every day to the station.

That Day Was Unusual

one day, Hatchi denied to come with the professor to the station despite his various efforts but something was going on in Hachiko’s mind. After reaching the station, Professor was still looking for Hatchi there. And finally, Hatchi comes there with a ball. And the professor was surprised to see him with Ball because he did many efforts to teach him how to fetch a ball but he didn’t. But that was the day Hatchi picked up the ball and played with his master a lot and the professor was very happy that day because this was the first time when Hatchi picked up the ball. As the professor was getting late, he says “Goodbye, Hatchi” but on that day Hatchi’s reaction was different and he starts barking when the professor boards the train and keeps looking at the moving train from the back like something is going away from him.

Biggest Loss for Hatchi-Professor death

The professor reminds that day when he asked his Japanese friend that Hachi never picks the ball like a normal dog and his friend told him that it is a special dog breed and never fetches the ball but when he will fetch, then there must be the special reason behind it. But who knew something was different on that day that was professor’s death. While giving lectures to the students in college, the professor died due to a sudden heart attack and In the evening Hachi again goes to the station to see the professor but he didn’t come back and Hachi was very sad and kept waiting for the professor even in the snow. And then the professor’s daughter takes Hatchi to her home but Hachi wanted to see only one face that was of professor. so, he ran away from her home and sit at the station waiting for his master. Then again she takes him home but after listening to the train siren, he became restless and now this time professor daughter opens the gate for Hatchi because she knew he would not stop and she said ‘Goodbye, Hatchi!’

The never-ending wait ends with Hatchi’s Death

Hatchi daily goes to the station and sitting at the same place, waiting for the professor. Days turned into months and months eventually into years. Hachiko waited tirelessly for his master for nine long years. And after years, the professor’s wife comes to visit the professor graveyard and gets surprised to see Hatchi at the same place on the station and she says “You still here waiting for him” and she hugs him and started crying. And Hatchi’s wait gets over with his death. After waiting for 9 years, one-day hatch also died due to cancer.

This story taught me the real meaning of love and loyalty. Even the human leaves, but that dog kept waiting for his master. Despite knowing he will never come back.

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