Information About German Shepherd Dog

Information About German Shepherd Dog

Origin and History of German shepherd

As the name suggests the place of origin of German Shepherd is Germany. This breed was originally known as Alsation. But after the first world war, it is known by the name German shepherd or (GSD). In history, shepherds used to use this breed for their work ( for the care of sheep and goats). The reason behind this is this breed is very sensible and strong. And they are often used as part of the Herding and guarding.

German shepherd Standard

World’s most popular dog breed
Height – Male dog is 24 to 26 inches and Female dog is 22 to 24 inches.
Weight – Male dog 34 to 43 kg and Female dog 23 to 33 kg.
Life span – 10 to 12 year ( its an expectancy, not a specific age )
Litter size – 5 to 10 pups.
Color – The main color in German shepherds is black and tan but nowadays you can see Black German shepherds and White German shepherds as well.


German Shepherd dog breed is a large-sized dog breed, originated in Germany. It’s an energetic dog. Shepherds are very intelligent, loyal, and obedient. This breed is known for its intelligence from history. There are many reasons behind it as if you are trying to teach them something, they learn it very quickly. Actually, they are quick learners. No doubt, they are good watchdogs as everybody knows. But you should keep in mind that they have a suspicious nature and they start barking at strangers. To keep it along with family, you need to train them from the puppyhood like taking new people at home and introduce them with your baby shepherd. They act good with children and other pets if they are raised with them. So if you want to have a combination of guard and family dog, then it is the best dog breed. Moreover, you don’t need to hire a trainer to train them, you can do it on your own (at home). This dog breed is used in the military and police force for many purposes.


More care??

Yes, you read it right! German requires more care as compared with other short coat dog breeds. Their hairs are long and need regular brushing and bathing. You should give them multivitamins too for keeping their hair good. Also, you need to take care of their diet properly. This is because the German Shepherd Dog Breed gets a direct effect on their health as soon as they lack diet nutrition.

Exercise and Nutrition

You should give them a good nutrition-rich diet according to their age. Also, you need to give them calcium and vitamins on a regular basis. They are an active dog breed so they need proper exercise and socialization to prevent their aggressive behavior. Otherwise, they will use their energy in barking and other things like chewing your belongings.

Diseases in German Shepherd

You need to do proper care of your dog, as German Shepherds are often prone to diseases such as :

  • Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a genetic condition that causes German’ leg bones to fit poorly into their hip sockets. It is usually more common in large and giant dog breeds. This condition can drastically reduce a dog’s quality of life and it is quite painful for owners to watch their dog in this condition.

  • Degenerative Myelopathy

Degenerative myelopathy is a nerve disease that starts in the dog’s spinal cord. In this disease, your dog could lose bowel and urinary control. The dog might face a struggle to get up because this disease causes muscle weakness in the dog. Moreover, dogs with degenerative myelopathy can become paralyzed.

  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy

A heart affected by dilated cardiomyopathy is incapable of pumping blood. In this disease, oxygenated blood is not distributed properly throughout the body. The heart becomes large in size. Its ventricular walls get thinner. Sometimes, dilated cardiomyopathy causes fluids to build up in the lungs.

Please take care of your dog and give them the best life. As they also have a heart and expectations from you.

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