Information About Great Dane dog breed

Great Dane dog breed

Origin of Great Dane dog breed

Great Dane is originated in Germany. It is a German dog breed.
According to the name, it is really a great dog breed.

Standard of Great Dane

Height – Male dog 30 to 32 inches and Female dog 28 to 30 inches
Weight – Male dog 50 to 80 kg and Female dog 50 to 65
Life span – Average life span is 6 to 10 years
Litter size – Average litter size is 4 to 7 puppy
Color – Black, Fawn, Harquelin


Great Dane is a great dog breed. It is a giant dog breed, so it needs a big space at home. If you are living in a small house you can’t keep this dog breed. Great Dane is a short coat dog breed so it requires less hair care, while for other things, it requires proper care and maintenance. This breed looks good but if you do not socialize your dog, it can be aggressive. Socialization can be helpful in their full-fledged growth. They need occasional baths until or unless they get into some dirt. Nails must be check and trimmed according to need otherwise it may cause a problem to them in walking or running.

They are friendly with kids and a dog who easily makes friends. They are sweet in nature and a perfect home guardian.


As you know that it is a large-sized dog breed so due to this reason, it requires more quantity of food and nutrition to feed its larger body. Apart from this, they require high-quality protein, vitamins, and calcium. However, if you give homemade food, first consult your veterinarian. You must know which food is good for them and which is not. Bloat is the main problem for this dog breed.

You must know what is Bloat?

It is a health emergency that affects the dog’s health severely. It is also known as a twisted stomach or GDV
(Gastric dilation-volvulus) It is a very serious condition that may be life-threatening for dogs. And if you see any symptoms in your dog then immediately visit your veterinarian. The dog can even die due to bloat.


They need good training and socialization otherwise it becomes difficult to handle them because it’s a large-sized dog breed. Moreover, it is beneficial for the owner as well if the dog is properly trained. Start training your dog after the age of 3 months, when your dog attains the age of one year, it will be a trained dog. Obedience training is a must for this powerful dog breed.


They need to do a lot of daily exercises, on average they require a 1-hour exercise because of its a large-sized dog breed. If your dog doesn’t get proper exercise, it may affect health as well as their life. ( They can get a serious joint’s problem or their life span may impact). But Jogging must be avoided until they attain the age of 2 years. Their nose is easily attracted to scents so, avoid places where a fence is not available.


  • Avoid keeping great Dane if you have lesser space in the house.
  • Take care of their diet and nutrition.
  • Give proper exercise and training.
  • Be a friend of him/her.

So, if your are looking for a dog who is people friendly and please to have people around them then it is the breed for you but keep in mind the space part. They need a big space in the house to roam around.

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