Importance of dog in human life

Importance of dog in human life

Dog plays a very important role in human life. Dogs facilitate to cut back the strain level in humans. Also, they’re utilized in hospitals and universities for reducing the strain of patients. in step with Commodore Vanderbilt University, Dogs will decrease the extent of human loneliness. If you’re living alone, you’ll be able to adopt a dog and live a contented life. Harvard University has started a program within which students pay it slow with dogs and feel higher. It helps to cut back their study stress. Moreover, Dog provides security to humans and therefore the relation of a dog and human is the most loyal relationship. Dogs even have a special place in human life and heart and that they play several roles in human life like – a defender, succor, friend, and a naughty pal. It has been older than twiddling with dogs helps to extend the extent of the stress-reducing hormones ( Oxytocin ) and reduce the extent of stress production hormones (Cortisol).

There are many scientific reason and benefits of a dog in your life

  • Your life will be happier.
  • You are more resistant to different kinds of allergies.
  • Your heart health will be better.
  • You can make many friends when going for a walk.
  • Dogs are a cancer detector.
  • Your life will be stress-free.

Real story

It is the story of a professor whose life has been changed after having a dog in life.

This is the story of a college professor who himself was a motivation for everyone but suddenly a problem came in his life. And he started living a stressful life. However, he is very intelligent, but at that time he was facing many problems in life and was always stressed. He started drinking and smoking (20 to 30 cigarettes) daily. One day, our company’s director met him and listened to his problems and suggested him to adopt or buy a Dog/Puppy. He agreed and our company provided him a Labrador Puppy. He started caring for his dog like his own child. After some time, we met him again and asked how he feels now and what we found he was improving in health. And now all his problems are resolved. Nowadays, He doesn’t drink and smokes. Finally, he is spending a happy life with his lucky charm.

He is thankful to Tom N Jerry Family for changing his life.

Dogs are the real angels for human beings and the most faithful and loyal animals. If you can keep a dog, Please keep but give him proper care like your own child. He/she will change your life for sure.

Please share your life-changing experiences with Tom N Jerry Family.

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