Information About Beagle Dog Breed

Information About Beagle Dog Breed

Beagle origin – England

Beagle is a loving, intelligent, and loyal dog breed. Beagles were traditionally bred for hunting purposes. Smell power of this breed is very strong. Due to this, they are often used in the searching operations by Police and Army and also used at the airport for security purposes. They have more than 220 scent receptors, their nose itself is large, cool, and moist to the touch. The moistness helps dissolve molecules in the air and bring them into the nose.

Standard of beagle dog breed

  • Height – Average height of beagle male dog 13 to 14 inches and female dog 10 to 12 inches.
  • Weight – Average weight of beagle male dog 12 to 14 kg and female dog 10 to 12 kg.
  • Life span – Average life span beagle dog is 12 to 14 Years.
  • Litter size – Average litter size 4 to 7 pups.

Health Care-Beagle Dog

Beagle is a healthy and active dog breed. It is a short hair dog breed so, it requires less hair care as compared with other breeds(long coat breeds). They need regular exercise to maintain their weight. They require good quality food. If you are giving them homemade food, then give them only after consulting your breeder or doctor. The feed requirement is 4 to 5 times to puppy and 3 times a day for adults. Don’t overfeed them otherwise they will put on weight. They need a balanced diet to remain active and energetic.moreover, they are food lovers and they can even attack your kitchen garbage. So, you have to keep an eye on them. They don’t need to bath too often. Like all other breeds, you need to check their nails and trim them from time to time. They need special care in climate change because it’s a short hair breed. Most common health problem in beagle is obesity, cherry eyes, and allergies. Last but not least, proper training is an important part of dog care.


It’s a playful dog breed that loves to play outside. It’s a small and compact dog breed. They are active, playful and energetic dog breed. They get bored if left alone and they will use their energy in destructive activities. So, try to spend time with them and engaged them in some activities. They love to play most of the time so that they can cut and break things at home. Keep such things away from them. They are a perfect pet for families. They always like to stay in a company whether it is dogs or humans. So, whenever you are going outside try to take them with you. They also love other animals. Beagles are smell hounds and if they catch an interesting smell they will be attracted to easily.

They also need socialization. You need to train them for the early puppyhood by meeting them with different people, taking them to different places and making them familiar with the environment around you. Socialization will help him to grow properly and he will become smarter when growing old. Moreover, Beagle will not let you sit silently, he will come to you again and again and try to play with you. If you are an active person, this breed can be the best option for you

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