Information About Indian Dog breed

Information About Indian Dog breed

Origin – Indian dog breed

The Indian dog breed found in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Desi Dog Standard

Height – Average Height Male dog 2 feet and female dog 18 inches
Weight – Average weight Male dog 20 to 28 kg and female dog 15 to 24 kg.
Life span – Average life span is 12 to 14 years
Litter size – 5 to 8 puppies
Color – They have many colors

Indian Pariah Dog – Information

The Indi dog is additionally referred to as Desi dog and an affordable dog breed. it’s one in every of the oldest dog breeds. they are doing not need a high value to measure. It’s the most effective working dog and straightforward to coach. one in every one of the necessary things is that they will simply survive in any weather and that they have a powerful system. All the road dogs aren’t associate Indian dog breeds (pariah). Some breed cross with different breeds and also the result sounds like a desi dog. One issue to notice that crossbreed dogs are terribly sturdy and powerful as compared to different pure breed dogs. In rural areas, folks use desi dogs for searching. they need a brief coat so that they shed less. and that they would like less hair care like daily comb or brushing. Bathing is needed sometimes and that they do not smell unhealthy till or unless they are going into some dirt. the upkeep value of this bread is extremely less.

Like all other breeds, early socialization will benefit them as well, they will be able to adjust with the children of your house and the nearby environment. They are friendly in nature with their owners but they can show aggression to strangers. They are smart enough to differentiate between family and strangers and they immediately start barking if they found something suspicious. Desi dogs are intelligent and strong as well. They can easily learn things if trained well.

Health- Indian dog

They do well in all temperatures and that makes the pariah dog strong for every climate. In India, there are 6 kinds of weather/season i.e monsoon, summer, pre-winter, winter, spring, and autumn so, they do not fall ill due to weather change. Because they are habitual to live in all types of weather. However, in the case of other Breeds like the German Shepherds, Labra, Golden Retriever, they can not tolerate both hot and cold weather conditions and need more care in weather change because they are not capable to live in different kinds of weather. They rarely get affected with any disease. If cared properly, they can live a healthy and long life.


It is a loyal dog breed so, you can easily train your dog, and it’s also a good watchdog. They even act as a guard in the rural area and they eat everything offered to them. They are not choosy in eating as compared with other breeds. This breed is very energetic, fast learner, and intelligent. They are playful and need regular exercise. They are very active and need regular exercise to utilize their energy otherwise, they may get aggressive. If you do not allow them to go out for long, they may get irritated and cause damage. They can be a perfect pet for those people who are active and love long walks.

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