Information About Pug Dog Breed

Pug dog breed

Pug is one of the famous dog breeds. It got popular in India through television advertisements. First, it came in a Hutch TV advertisement and then Vodafone’s (A mobile sim company) advertisement. So, it gained a lot of popularity through these advertisements. And people in India even recognize it by “Vodafone wala dog”

Origin of Pug dog breed

Pug is originated in China. It is a toy size dog breed.

Standard of pug dog breed

Height – Male dog – 11 to 15 inches and Female dog – 10 to 13 inches.
Weight – Male dog – 7 to 8 kg and Female dog – 5 to 7 kg.
Life Span – The average life span is 11 to 14 years.
Litter size – The average litter size is 3 to 5 pups.
Color – Black and fawn.

Information – Pug dog breed

Pug has a fully punch face with wrinkles and their eyes are large compared with normal eyes. Its a toy size dog breed & they easily to adjust in a home. They are square in shape and look healthy because they have wrinkles on the face and backside of the head. The face is black in color like a black spot. Pug has a flat nose almost with only 2 holes for breathing. Coat of pug is easy to maintain because its a short coat breed. They have a curly tail. Its a very attractive and unique dog breed.

Pug is not a guard dog. And don’t expect them to hunt or retrieve. They are just a cute toy dog who will sit on your lap while you watching television or reading books. Like other dog breeds, they also need early socialization with different people,places and sounds. For example you can take them to your nearby park and take them to meet with your neighbours or other dogs. It will help them to grow up properly and they will become a all rounder dog.Pugs are less heat tolerant and loves to spend time in air conditioners. If you left them alone for long, then they will remain unhappy and irriatetd. Pugs remain happy with kids and they are perfect family dogs.

Care And Exercise

This breed does not require much exercise. If you are going for a walk after dinner, you can take them with you it will be sufficient for the pug. Actually its a plus point for the owner, they don’t require high-level exercise like other breeds. Also, they don’t need much care, so most people choose this breed for their home in toy size breeds. But they require cleanliness at home because sometimes they easily get allergies and infections. You can say it is the only point where you need to be cautious in pug dog breed otherwise its the best breed for home.Pugs’ nails should be trimmed time to time. otherwise, it will cause discomfort to them. Moreover, its a playful dog breed and stays happy with the owner. Its a family companion dog breed.


They need a small amount of food but need good quality and nutritious food. But be sure that you are giving the right quantity of food otherwise they will gain weight and can become obese. Monitor their food consumption and ensure that they get what they need.

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