Information About Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky information

Origin of Siberian Husky

The Siberian husky was originally developed in Eastern Siberia by the Chukchi people of the Chukchi Peninsula.

Standard of Siberian husky

Height – Male dog 21 to 24 inches and Female dog 20 to 22 inches
Weight – Male dog 20 to 28 kg and Female dog 15 to 23 kg
Life span – Average life span is 12 to 13 years
Litter size – Average litter size 4 to 6
Colors – Black and white, copper and red, etc.

Information – Siberian husky

Siberian husky may be a stunning dog breed and husky may be a medium-sized dog breed. it’s a thick double coat, and also the form of the ear is triangular. Husky have blue or multi-color eyes like – blue, brown, and split. they have a lot of care as compare with different breeds like – geographical area, Beagle, etc. Their eyes create them intelligent, aware, and alert dog breed.

You will train your husky simply as a result of it’s associate intelligent dog breed and it will simply perceive your commands. they have early socialization like all different breeds. Obedience coaching and sensible manner coaching will be useful for them. you would like to accept some attention-grabbing coaching ways to coach them so coaching should not be boring for you and them in addition. They love the corporate of differents could also be human or other dogs however going away them alone for the complete day cannot be an honest plan. as a result of this high energetic dog will be damaging if left alone bored. they will injury things reception.

Care – Siberian husky

They area unit naturally clean with no unhealthy smell. They shed their coat double a year. Baths will be provided sometimes. Brushing their coat will be done at regular intervals. Keep trimming their nails if adult long otherwise it’s going to cause a retardant to them. they’re a vigorous and energetic breed that needs heaps of exercise. they’re extremely operating bread United Nations agency likes to work a lot of and a lot of. they’re the happiest once engaged in some task or activity. If you retain your husky in a flat or atiny low house, you would like to require them for daily walks. however ensure walks should be avoided in atmospheric condition. They were bred for running therefore higher careful with them and keep them in an exceedingly enclosed yard.


They would like a alimental diet to take care of their coat. supermolecule necessities ought to be consistent with their level of activities. don’t give them, otherwise, they will gain weight which can impact their health badly. Monitor their calorie consumption and their weight and alter the diet consequently.

Some a lot of information

Most of the individuals fall infatuated with husky as a result of it’s a really stunning dog breed. it’s sort of a wolf. they’re friendly in nature and move with different dogs. If you’re going to adopt or get a sledge dog, one issue you must have to be compelled to recognize that they can not modify in atmospheric condition. However, they’ll not die however cannot live a cheerful life. Life are a lot of painful and worsening for them in such weather.


Buy or adopt a puppy from a reputable stockman, to induce a healthier one. as a result of their dog’s area unit free from genetic diseases.

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