Information and how to care your Rottweiler dog

Information and how to care your Rottweiler dog


Rottweiler is originated in Germany

Rottweiler standard

Height – Male dog 23 to 28 inches and Female dog 21 to 25 inches
Weight – Male dog 50 to 60 kg and Female dog 35 to 45 kg
Life span – 9 to 12 years
Litter size – 7 to 12
Color – Black and Tan

Information – Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is the strongest and guards dog breed. Rottweiler’ are intelligent, loyal and affectionate dogs. If trained properly, you can make them excellent pets. The Rott is one of the oldest of herding breeds. It is a muscular dog breed. Some people say it is an aggressive dog breed but it totally depends upon your training how you made them. However, it is not an attacking breed. Rott has a royal personality.
It is one of the oldest known breeds. It is a medium-large dog breed. It has great strength, heavy bone size, and a strong body. Start your Rott’s exercise in 2-3 months of age and socialize your dog in their puppyhood. Take them to meet different people and You can take them to your nearby park so that they can become familiar with the thing around them.otherwise they can become aggressive. Moreover, If they are left alone for long hours, they can get irritated and become destructive. Try to engage them in some activities otherwise, they will spend their energy destroying your valuable things at home. However, Rottweiler is calm and confident, if well-bred.

Diet plan

They need a good quality of food according to strength. If you give high nutrition food to your dog, their life and health will be improved. Dog health and life span actually depend on their diet and care. Also, take care of their calorie intake because overeating can lead to weight gain which can make them obese. Moreover, if you give homemade food, take care of nutritional value in the food and give it under the supervision of your vet or breeder. And don’t give food which is bad for dogs.

Physical care

Rottweiler is a very courageous and active dog breed. Rottweiler needs more exercise physically than other breeds, Example- Walk 5 to 7 km per day. The benefit of exercise is to maintain the weight of your dog. They also love swimming and walking. Take your dog to walk on the road as it is good for their nails and feet.

Comb your dog on alternate days or weekdays for the better coat. Give a regular bath to your dog and also check their claw. Brush their teeth at regular intervals. In addition to this, they love to play. so, take out some time to play with your dog. Also, their learning capacity is good. Rottweiler is a great learner and a highly trainable dog. They should be trained early. You need to teach them discipline with ease. If you are hard with them, it can lead to aggression in them. Moreover, they must be exposed to children and other pets from the starting otherwise it may be a problem for you.

So, this is all about the Rottweiler dog breed. This only needs proper care and extensive socialization to make it a companion family dog.

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