How To Care Puppy At Home

How To Care Puppy At Home

First, choose the perfect breed according to your environment. Choose a breed, you can care easily.

There Are 20 Points that can help you for puppies care:

  1. Clean your puppy daily.
  2. Feed your puppies at least four-time In a day.
  3. Do not overfeed.
  4. Never take them outside without complete vaccination.
  5. Complete Deworming timely as its most important.
  6. Purchase two bowls, one for food and another for water, and keep the bowl always clean.
  7. Always give neat and clean water. In summer give an energy powder in water like- Glucose and Enerzal.
  8. Remove items such as plastic products, polythene, and papers from the place, where you keep your puppies.
  9. Keep away floor or toilet cleaner and other chemical items.
  10. Give the best quality food to your puppies according to their breed and requirements.
  11. Give a calcium bone or other sticks for biting as it is good for gum exercise.
  12. Always keep these basic tools with yourself, for example, brush, Gloves, Comb, and nail cutter.
  13. Choose the best shampoo for your puppies according to the hair length ( short hair or long hair breed ) and do not use human products on them.
  14. Use a smooth harness and check it from time to time as it should not be so tight.
  15. Give them love and care Because your home is a new place for your puppies.
  16. Take out some time for your puppy and play with your little friend, as he or she will be happy to play with you.
  17. Close all the low windows.
  18. Do not feed them human food as it is unhealthy for your puppy. Moreover, you don’t know what amount of nutrition you are giving through homemade food.
  19. Protect your puppy from toxic food.
  20. Your puppy needs exercise otherwise they will become overweight.

Mother milk is best for new born puppy. Try to feed them with mother’s milk till 45 days. Don’t adopt or buy puppy below 40 days of age, beacuse they require the milk of thier mother and only a mother’s milk provides every nutrition to the pup which they need during their first four weeks of life.

Importance of Mother’s milk.

I hope, these points may help you to care for your newborn puppy.

Have a good time with your new family member.

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